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Drobz - water drops for desktop
Drobz - new Valentine's day theme!
Desktop Fire, Faya

Faya is small program for emulation of fire, northern lights or water on your desktop. Version 1.3.1 has new settings "waves" for schema "Water"
HiNook - desktop photo frame

HiNook - good desktop photo frame with bonus. Version 1.2
Let's play!

Desk Tanks - small tank game from our friends!
Znow desktop decoration (snow desktop)
Znow brings snowflakes to screen
Znow Forge, Znow Lab and Znow are snow desktops. Also, they bring flying object onto your computer screen. You can do your usual work, while they are flying.

Snowflakes, bubbles, sparks, raindrops make your work more pleasants. Randomly moved flakes relax eyes - you need it when you work with computers.
Znow Forge, Znow Lab have internal editor for flying objects.
Znow Forge has editor for view of flying objects.

All Znow can work as ScreenSaver.
Znow desktop decoration received 100% CLEAN award on DownloadRoute.com

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